Super Godis


My kids loves to have something nice and sweet when they come home on Fridays. This time mum made them something new…. SUPER POWER GODIS!!!

The other night I went to a workshop at my sistersit was "Rawfood for kids", super inspiring how we can get our little once to eat more green and healthy food!

I learned to make these truffles, a good alternative to candies!

Thought i might share it with you…. 

1,5 dl melted cacao butter 

1/2 dl melted virgin coconut oil

1/2 dl melted coconut mousse

5 tbs cacao nibs

2 tbs carob

3 tbs luccuma

3 tbs mesquite

3 tbs bee-pollen

3 tbs yaconsirup

1-2 tbs maca

2 dl chopped almonds

Stir all the ingredients and taste, add some more yaconsirup if you know your child has a sweet tooth! You can add and take away the super food the way you like.

Stir and pour into siliconmold then put into the fridge for 2 hours.

Then gently press them out and keep them in a glass jar.

I love to prepare rawfood, its so easy! The only thing you have to do is to have all the ingredients at home. If you don't have the luxury of having a rawfoodchef in your family you can easily click home you groceries here!

You can keep the Super Godis for about three weeks in the fridge if you can wait that long….

Ours finished in less than 5 minuets…. They were supposed to be for tomorrow…

Well, at least they were appreciated!!!! 


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Efter 15 år i den hektiska modevärlden är jag nu bosatt i Malmö med mina tre barn. De senaste 10 åren har jag drivit en bokbar, Salotto42 i centrala Rom. Så vaknade vi upp för tre år sedan och kände att Rom inte längre var den ultimata staden att bo i för vår lilla familj, så vi bestämde oss för att flytta norrut! Vi köpte det äldsta och största renoveringsprojektet vi kunde hitta nära havet i Malmö, vilken resa det har varit!

Jag älskar nya utmaningar och jobbar med många olika projekt bland annat som stylist, inredare, och programledare för Svt´s Trädgårdstisdag. Gillar att fotografera, renovera, måla, yoga, laga rawfood, odla och en massa annat som gör livet underbart att leva.

Här delar jag med mig av det som får mig att må bra och det jag gillar, hoppas jag kan inspirera dig!

After 15 years in the hectic modelingbusiness, with a lot of traveling I now live in Malmö with my three lovely kids. Last 10 years I have run a bookbar, Salotto42 i Rome.

Then one day three years ago we woke up and realised that Rome was not the ultimate place for our little family to live and decided to change life, and go north! We bought a old, beautiful house just off the bridge from Copenhagen, near the cold sea of Malmö that needed a big facelift, what a challenge!

I´m always working on different projects, as a interior designer, stylist and programleader in Swedish television. I Love photography, interiordesign, yoga, raw food, gardening and all other beautiful things that makes life lovely to live! Here on the blog I will share all the things I love and the things that makes me feel good.

I hope i will inspire you!