4 Saturday favourites


 Here they come…

*Milk Decoration

Use to love all the Swedish interior magazines and when I lived abroad It was the first thing I asked for when some one came to visit. What happened… Maybe I had a Scandinavian design overload, it just seems like everything looks the same now….


Any how Milk is now a new favorite if you don´t know it check it out!

*Worsted Aubergine

New darling from & other stories

*Bara blommor

I got the most beautiful Autumn Hortensia yesterday! I love that they stay so long and are just as nice when they dries out. 

And last but not least….

*Atelier VM

I´m married to and old jeweler that always has spoilt me with beautiful gifts, I have a lot of great pieces and it´s not often that I buy new things. But this summer I got to know Atelier VM, everything changed…. all of a sudden I wan´t to wear their entire collection!

I love their sober and delicate lines and that every piece has a name and a personal thought! 

They are selling their precious pieces at Merci in Paris and in a lovely little shop I visited last time in Paris called La Boite Boutique, on 12 rue de LÉchaudè! 

The mood necklace I were day and night remembers me of the lovely yoga retreat I went to this summer. It´s balances my throat chakra and reminders me that

"to speak is silver but to listen is gold".

Wish you all a lovely Saturday! 

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