Back to the roots


I'm back and I survived our little camping excursion! Me and my sister packed the car with tent, sleeping bags, kids and went north. We wanted to show them the little village me and my sister grew up in, Osby! 

I think it was about 20 years ago since I slept in a tent and for my kids it was the first time, do I have to tell you that they absolutely loved it!!

Here they are the urban little cowboys, and their list of the best things during our camping,

they loved to…

Pick wild raspberries

Swim in the warm lake late at night

get to know the little pony.

Boil eggs in the trangia stove for breakfast.


 Bore hunting in the forest.

Sleeping in sleeping bags.

Make fire with a magnifying glass

Sleep all tight together in the tent.

We took a tour in helicopter on top of the lake and I was sure that this would top the kids list, but NO, it wasn't´t even mentioned when i asked what had been most fun duing our three days!

It was all the small things, like eating a hard boiled eggs with the hands and pick beautiful flowers on a dusty road, get all brown after swimming in the muddy lake, freeze together in a humid tent  in the best company you can get!

We will remember these beautiful summer days we got together and Tiago already got me promises that we will do it again next year!



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Jag brinner för personlig och tidlös inredning. Jag vill dela med mig av det som inspirerar mig, trädgårdsprojekt, vacker inredning, spännande resor och en hållbar livsstil som sätter guldkant på vardagen. Välkomna till min blogg!

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