Today´s shooting

We had a rainy and pretty cold day at Österlen, it was a perfect day for shooting the autumn issue of Country Life because it totally felt like a autumn day;)

When we arrived to our location I just wanted to die…. The most charming and romantic house i´v ever seen!!

I would love to stand here and do the dishes watching the kids playing outside in the garden, dressed in some fabulous outfit from Danish Malene Birger.

The Ripetto shoes on the beautiful floor. The owner of the house found old newspaper under the plastic capet and decided to keep it that way, now you can lay on the floor and read about what happened in the world 1934, pretty amazing!

Let´s don´t talk about the bathrooms, so simple and beautiful…

Exclusive high shoes and stilettos is nice to get to wear at shootings, they don´t really belong in my life any longer… but I can´t stop loving them;)

Super nice and stylish Mia organising next outfit.

Getting hair and makeup

This is the kind of veranda I always dreamed of and check out the hospital daybed from the lokal flee market!

You can´t really transmit all the details, fun solutions and love that has been put in to the house through the photos, you kind of have to live it!
It sure was a great location and im so exited to se the photos that were shoot by talented Katarina Rohrberg published!
One thing is for sure, this house will be very, very hard to forget!
All pictures by Malin Persson
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